Hook, Line & Sinker: May 7, 2014

Area rivers and streams are at good, fishable levels heading into the weekend, Both the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls and the East Branch of the Delaware River are just above the average flow over 159 years of recordkeeping, respectively. However, air and water temperatures are still stubbornly cool with windy conditions, and we’ve just barely gotten into 50-degree water temperatures on the East Branch. Fifty degrees F is that ‘magic number’ that dry fly-fishers anticipate in spring; as once water temperatures warm into the 50s, consistent fly hatches begin.
I am glad to report that our forsythia is blooming – a sure sign that the Hendricksons are coming, although bit late this year. This early-season hatch is beloved by Beaverkill regulars, and usually coincides with the blooming of the forsythia. In some years the Hendrickson hatch is so prolific it is almost like being in a snowstorm. Quill Gordons were still being reported on the East Branch over the weekend. A big hatch of Hendricksons started last week down near Shinhopple and was moving upstream during the mid afternoon. I noticed a small Hendrickson hatch at the end of last week on both the Beaverkill and Willowemoc as well. 

Turkey takers
Candy Chin of the Tremperskill Country Store in Andes called and reported some turkey news. The Youth Weekend was a good success for some of her customers. Fifteen-year-old Marshall Leal of Andes went out with Toby Teitch bright and early on the opening day of the youth hunt. Toby called in a turkey which Marshall shot, a tom that weighed 18 pounds with a three-inch beard and half-inch spurs.
And Rebecca Stastny, a 9th grader from Medford, Long
Island, was hunting with her dad during the Youth Weekend and was successful in getting her first bird, a nice tom with an eight and-a-half-inch beard and spurs that measured one and-one-eighth inches. The father and daughter were hunting in “the Andes woods” and plan on having their turkey for dinner.
Last Saturday Rob Holterman from Middletown caught a trout that was 40 feet down in the reservoir. He was fishing off shore in his boat and remarked that it was quite cold and windy that day.
Mike from Al’s Sports Store in Downsville was happy to say that four-year-old Dominic Grieco, fishing with his dad, caught his first reservoir trout, a brown that weighed two pounds and measured 16 inches. Never too young to fish!

Shore thing
Tim Quick of Downsville was casting lures from shore and managed a three-pound, three-ounce brown. And Jack Baldwin from New Jersey hooked a nice six and-one-half pound brown that measured 26 inches while fishing sawbellies.
The cool weather has kept the shore fishing productive, as the trout seem to be staying between 15 and 20 feet down, with early mornings and evenings being the favorite time for successful reservoir anglers.
I am happy to report that the auction held to benefit the Fairview Public Library on Saturday, April 26 of the estate of Cheryl Stelter was a great success. Cheryl’s extensive collection of fly fishing, hunting, and camping gear, golf, photo equipment, and art was generously donated by her husband and daughter, Steve and Sayde, and raised more than $3,000 for the library. The board of trustees and staff of the library expressed deep appreciation to Steve and Sayde and all who participated in this most special event.