Hook, Line and Sinker: May 27, 2009

The weather was wonderful over the much-anticipated Memorial Day Weekend, the first unofficial weekend of the summer season. The heavy rains and thunderstorms that were predicted seemed to pass us by, and instead we were graced with sunny skies, warmer temperatures and a cooling breeze. Many trout fishers were out and about and reporting good success fishing the reservoirs.
Sonny Somelofski of the Tremperskill Country Store reported “a bunch of fish caught up on this end, about 22 feet down.” Fisherman Bob Kline came in the store at 6 a.m. to get a half dozen baitfish so he could do a bit of fishing from shore, returned about 20 minutes later with a beautiful big brown that tipped the scales at nine pounds, eight ounces and measured 27 inches in length!
Sonny’s nephew, John Todd, decided to take his friend Jessica Baldwin of Stamford out in the boat to see if she could catch a trout. And not long afterward, Ms. Baldwin caught her first trout ever, a nice brown that measured 23 inches and weighed five pounds, two ounces.
Ed Daley was fishing with sawbellies and managed a 26-inch, seven-pound brown. Wattie George of Margaretville bagged a six-pound brown that measured 25 inches.
Jerry Sauer Sr. of Kingston is holding second place in the Tremperskill Country Store Trout Derby with his 27-inch, 10- pound brown trout, “a big, fat fish!” All above-mentioned trout were taken on sawbellies.
Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville also saw lots of trout taken from the Pepacton last week, but stated that the trout he’s seen coming into the store from the lower end of the reservoir are all “skinny.” They are beginning to hit pretty well, however, and moving up closer to the surface, from 25 feet up.
Tony Gaglio of New Jersey and Charlie Mills of Downsville were trolling and had a great fishing trip. Catching lots of trout, the two kept a seven-and-one half-pounder and a five-and-one-half brown. They used Cowbells and sawbellies and fished in between 10 feet and 25 feet of water.
One man was fishing with his young son, Skyler O’Dell, for crappies in Cannonsville Reservoir. The pair was fishing from shore using a Charlie Brewer’s slider, which is a rubber grub with a paddle tail that crappies seem to find irresistible. However, young Skyler O’Dell hooked into a huge fish that turned out to be a nice seven-pound brown trout!
And although the reservoir was the ‘hot’ spot for trout fishing over the weekend, Dave Budin, of Del-Sports, Inc., Margaretville reported that fishing in the East Branch Delaware River slowed right down. Water levels are perfect, but the hatches and trout seemed to have been put off, perhaps by the cold front that blew by this weekend. Dave was fishing in the East Branch on Sunday night, just above the village. He cast a Clauser Minnow fly into a nice deep pool, anticipating a good-sized trout to take. Once the fish took the fly, it “hit the air” – and there was no doubting what he had caught – a big bass. Dave kept fishing and had a huge take, and “almost had a heart attack thinking it was a big trout” – and the fish turned out to be about three-and-one-half pounds – not the brown trout he expected, but the biggest creek chub he’d ever taken!