Hook, Line and Sinker: May 23, 2012

Tom Phillips of the Pepacton Bait & Tackle Store on Route 28 in Arkville reminds us that beginning this Friday the City of New York is allowing canoes, kayaks and sailboats on the Pepacton Reservoir.
Interested boaters need to bring a valid DEP permit and have their watercraft steam cleaned and a sticker affixed. Pepacton Bait & Tackle is one of the locations that offers steam cleaning and stickers from 6:00 a.m. on. Watercraft may be put in at Margaretville (the public parking area near the Freshtown store and bridge) and travel all the way down to the reservoir.

Tom said that fishing on the reservoir has been productive with customers reporting fishing with sawbellies at about 40 feet and catching lots of trout.

Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville was in agreement that the fishing on the Pepacton Reservoir has really started to pick up since last week. The warm and sunny weather over the weekend no doubt helped warm surface waters to just about 60 degrees, which brought up the baitfish and the trout as well to feed. In fact, the trout that were brought into the store are now starting to put on weight as compared to the ‘skinny’ fish that had been taken since the start of the season.

Walton fishermen have success
A fishing duo from the Walton area, Bill Neske and Brittany Smith had a successful outing over the weekend. While fishing with sawbellies the duo managed to catch two nice trout: a six-pound brown, and another that weighed five and-one-quarter pounds.
And a trio of ladies from the Walton area were also successful. Laura DeJong caught a five pounder; her aunt Jackie Finn netted a five-and-one-half pound brown and fishing companion Danielle Audick caught the third trout that weighed four and-one-half pounds. The three ladies were fishing right on the surface with sawbellies.

Reports are that the trout are showing good activity from the surface to 20 feet down at the lower end. One veteran Pepacton fisherman returned for the summer and was trolling yesterday and said he caught and released fish all day long. He was fishing from two to four colors on lead core, which translates to about 10 to 20 feet down.

Eddie Chin of the Tremperskill Country Store reported that fishing at the upper end of Pepacton Reservoir has also been productive this past week. Donald Reed caught a six and-seven-eighths-pound brown, and Brian Maxwell bagged a nice brown that weighed seven and three-eighths pounds.

The next three fishermen are registered in the May Pool at the Tremperskill Country Store, with the heaviest fish so far being the six and-three-quarter-pounder taken by Brian Temmings of Andes. His brown trout measured 26 and-a-half inches.

Dean Close of Lanesville netted a nice six and-one-quarter pound brown that measured 26 and-a-half inches and Carl Sauer from Labena managed a five and-one-half pound brown.
There’s still time to enter the May Pool for just $5 per angler for as many fish as you catch. Winner or winners take all the prize money. Stay tuned to see who wins the pool!
March Browns are still being seen on the river in the middle of the day, along with rising trout.