Hook, Line and Sinker: June 27, 2012

According to the NYC DEP website, our Catskill reservoirs are at about 96.4 percent of capacity. The average or “normal” capacity for late June is 97.3 percent. Our average rainfall for this past April was lower than the historical average – 2.83 inches as compared to 3.71; while May was higher. We received 4.89 inches of rain as compared to the historical average of 4.27. This June, however, we received significantly less – just 2.16 inches as compared to the historical average of 4.10 inches.
Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville reports that fishing in Pepacton Reservoir has been interesting. Some fishermen are reporting catching lots of trout, and some of the smaller fish are starting to fatten up, the larger trout (any fish over 20 inches) that they’ve been reeling in are still thin.

Currently holding first place in the June Pepacton Trout Derby is Joe McGuire from Verplanck with a seven-pound, 11-ounce brown trout taken on a sawbelly.

In second place is Steve Houck of Walton with a six-pound, 15-ounce brown and holding on to third place is “Stevie-O” from Highmount, with his six-pound, five-ounce brown. Both trout were taken on sawbellies. In fact, Stevie-O caught six trout this morning; all weighed less than three pounds.

However, Tom Adams, a reservoir ‘regular’ was fishing one morning last week and had no hits until 11:00 a.m. and then proceeded to catch six trout in 45 minutes! And Al Etkins, another reservoir ‘regular,’ buys about 15-16 bait fish every day and runs out of bait every time he’s out there, catching lots of trout, but nothing over three pounds.

Another reservoir fisherman had such productive fishing over the weekend up near the Barkaboom that he took Monday and Tuesday off – saying that the fishing was the best he’s ever had – catching trout, bass and catfish lying on the bottom; although all were small.

One lucky fisherman from Neversink, managed to catch a beautiful ten-pound brown while trolling with a Thunderstick Deep Divers. Most fish are being taken at about 24 to 28 feet down.
Bass season is now open and the bass fishing has been very good. Young Jeremy Musso from Downsville was fishing on the opening day of the bass season and managed to catch four smallmouths. Jeremy was successful using Charlie Brewer Slider Grubs.

And young miss Madison Banker from Shinhopple caught a beauty of a brown trout while fishing with some friends in the East Branch of the Delaware River. Madison’s prize trout measured 24 inches in length, and weighed five pounds, 10 ounces.

Andes fishing tale
Candy Chin from Tremperskill Country Store related a nice fishing story. A fisherman from Saugerties came into the store on Father’s Day with his young daughter and bought her a pink Tremperskill hat. Candy wished her luck with it and said she hoped she’d catch a fish. Sure enough, young miss Brianna Stanley returned with a big bullhead she’d caught, her first fish, while wearing her new pink hat. Apparently the pink hat contained “Fisherman’s Luck” and the 10-year-old will now consider it an important part of her fishing gear!

At the Tremperskill Country Store the June Pool has two fish in the lead and is being led by two men, from far and near. Mark LeBrun from New Mexico managed to catch a five-and-three-eighths pound brown trout and Brian Temming of Andes also caught a five-and-three-eighths pound brown trout. Both men used one of Candy’s sawbellies for their catches. And Charlie MacNeil from Dutchess County managed a four and-three-eighths pound brown fishing ‘down near the bridge’ again on one of Candy’s sawbellies.