Hook, Line and Sinker: June 26, 2013

Free fishing this weekend! The NYS Department of Environmental Conservations announces that the last weekend in June, (June 29 – 30) will be a “free fishing weekend” – meaning that anyone can fish the fresh or marine waters of New York State with no fishing license required! This is a great opportunity for those who have never fished before, whether youngsters or adults, or those who haven’t fished in a while. It’s a great opportunity to take along a friend, spouse or ‘significant other’ who might like to try their hand at fishing. Or better yet, take a child or even the whole family!
The Pepacton Reservoir is still fishing well. Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville reported that fishing in the reservoir is still “pretty decent” with a lot of fishermen reporting catching fish. The trout seem to be getting “scattered, some on the top early, after that usually down about 18 feet but most from 25 to 28 feet.

Al’s been selling “quite a bit of bait lately”, and most of the successful anglers who have come into the store have used sawbellies.
While fishing with sawbellies, Jack Rosa from Margaretville caught a seven-pound, 11-ounce brown trout that measured 27 inches.

Tim McAleese from New Jersey was fishing bait from the shore when he took two nice browns, one was a seven pound, nine ouncer that measured 26 inches in length. In addition to his two trout, Tim managed a bass on the surface that had been chasing bait.

Another New Jersey fisherman, Helmet Lammele, managed to land two nice fish while fishing sawbellies; one a seven pounder, the other a six and-one-quarter pound brown.
And Mike and Sara Fulton, also from New Jersey, managed a six and-one-quarter and a five and-one-half pound brown trout while fishing on Saturday.

Al reported that the reservoir finally stopped spilling on Saturday night and he was able to send canoes out on Sunday for the first time in several weeks.

Dave Budin of Del Sports, Inc. in Margaretville, reported that although the river level is about “perfect” for fishing, having come down to a somewhat more normal flow; the hatches of late have been somewhat muted with high water and the full moon seems to have had an effect on the fishing. He mentioned that some of his customers have had success fishing with beadhead nymphs this past week.

Dave also related a fishing story in the hopes that someone can help solve the “mystery.”

Questions abound
“A while back, I was fishing by the bridge right by the school and heard a big splash so I lobbed over a big Clauser Minnow and it grabbed it and started taking out line, so much I had to put the brakes to it. As I did, it rose to the surface. It was a beaver that I had foul hooked! So last week the water was high and murky, I had a Clauser Minnow on a rig I put together with a Bogdan Reel and hooked into something. It took the shore side along the stream bank and kept going, only this one I couldn’t

“I put the brakes on and held on the line but it kept going, it was just a monster! I don’t know if it was a beaver, or a carp, or a snapping turtle. I held onto the backing, I had a nine-weight line and 150 yards of backing. It got down to 100 yards of backing and there was no thought of stopping this and finally it broke where the fly was attached to the tippet. I didn’t have the satisfaction of taking it off the line but I was happy not to have lost a $100 fly line!”

So if anybody finds a huge fish, or beaver, or turtle with a large Clauser Minnow, tied on a stainless steel hook, please let Dave know!