Hook, Line and Sinker: July 11, 2012

Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville reported that the trout in Pepacton Reservoir are starting to ‘fatten up’ and that good numbers of trout are being caught, but many are still thin. The trout are starting to come up toward the surface but most fish are being seen at from 28- to 30-feet down.

Al reported the winners of the Pepacton Trout Derby for the month of June. They are: Joe McGuire, of Verplanck used a sawbelly to catch his prize-winning fish. He took a brown trout that weighed seven pounds, 11 ounces and measured 27 and-three-quarters inches. Steve Houck, of Walton, took second prize with his six-pound, 15-ounce brown that measured 27 inches. And, capturing third prize was Dave D’Olivo from New Jersey who bagged a six-pound, 12-ounce brown trout that measured 27 inches.

However, even though the measured lengths of the trout taken were of average size, Al remarked that it was the first time that a trout weighing less than eight pounds won the Derby. He said, “I’ve never had anything even close to winning that was under eight pounds!”

This month, however, a few larger fish have been coming in – two 30-inch browns were caught that weighed eight pounds, 11 ounces, and nine and-one-quarter pounds respectively.

There is another Trout Derby ongoing for the month of July. Sign up at Al’s Sports Store. Leading the July Derby so far is a six-pound, three-ounce brown that measured 26 inches; and Joe McGuire, who took second prize in the June Derby, brought in a five-pound, 14-ounce brown that measured 21 inches.

Six-year-old Seamus Demauro had a nice experience while fishing on Pepacton Reservoir with Joe Demauro of Franklin. Al reports that little Seamus came into the store this spring asking for different lures that he had been reading up on, a very serious fisherman in the making. Just this past week, he was fishing from a boat and caught his very first trout in the reservoir, a lovely rainbow trout that measured about 17 inches.

And young Brandon Consolazzio, who was camping at the OxBow Campsite, bagged a three-pound, 14- ounce brown, and a four pounder as well, while fishing the East Branch Delaware near the campsite.

The East Branch of the Delaware River was flowing at 249 cubic feet per (cfs) second Tuesday morning. This is below the average flow on this date of 401 cfs over 57 years of recordkeeping. The highest flow in the East Branch during this period was 5,160 in 1998; the lowest recorded flow was 112 cfs in 1971.

The Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at 107 cubic feet per second at about 5 a.m. Tuesday. This is below the average flow of 177 cfs over 98 years of recordkeeping. The highest flow recorded on this date was 5,620 in 1952; the lowest recorded flow was 51 cfs back in 1991.