Hook, Line and Sinker: August 3, 2011

Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Shop in Downsville reported on the winners of the July Pepacton Trout Derby. Capturing the first prize was Ed Brown of Walton for his winning fish that tipped the scales at 11 pounds, five ounces, and measured 28 inches. Ed was trolling with a Michigan Stinger to catch his trout. Winning second prize was Al Lutkins from New Jersey for his 10-pound, 12-ounce brown trout that measured all of 29 and-one-quarter inches in length. Rounding out the prize winners was Dave D’Olivo, also from New Jersey, who used a sawbelly to catch his fat and feisty 10-and-one-half-pound brown trout that measured 27 and three-quarters inches.

Over the weekend, two fishermen from Verplanck, including Justin Kulers, managed a hefty brown trout that weighed 11 pounds, 11 ounces, and measured 28 and-one-quarter inches.
Sawbellies seem to be the bait of choice for trout and Al reported that the bass are “biting pretty good,” mostly on crayfish.

Most brown trout are being found at about 30-40 feet down, fishing mostly during the day. Earl Jacobs of Livingston Manor managed a nice six-and-one-half brown trout while trolling. He reported catching seven and lost nine (on dull hooks.) On this particular day, Earl had taken all of his fish by 9:30 a.m. Once the sun came out and hit the water, things slowed down.

On another day’s fishing, “Stevie-O” said he didn’t get a hit until 11:30 in the morning, but managed to catch a brown trout that weighed nine pounds, 10 ounces afterward.

Candy Chin of the Tremperskill Country Store in Andes was happy to report that some of her customers are catching fish. Dave (affectionately known as “Furface”) came in with a beautiful rainbow trout, a yellow perch and a channel cat at the end of the day after a good Sunday’s fishing in Pepacton. Earlier in the season, Dave caught a beautiful rainbow trout that weighed four pounds and declared that he was going to spend the rest of his three weeks’ vacation right here, fishing in the reservoir.

Another customer, David Reed, was fishing with his father, Dennis Bacon, and they reported catching “a bunch of fish,” including a large channel cat. Candy’s been selling a lot of worms, three to four dozen at a time which seem to be the popular bait of choice at the upper end of the reservoir.

Bass fishing has been very productive lately. In addition to those caught in the reservoir, Jim Newton of Livingston Manor reported a great morning’s fishing on a small lake in the Town of Rockland. He arrived at the lake about 6:30 a.m., and was trolling a two-inch Rapala Perch model, doing well catching perch.

He rowed to the head of the lake and decided to switch over to a small two-inch plastic minnow, red with gold sparkles. He’d just started trolling around through the lily pads when “the fish hit. I knew it was a bass, and figured it was a largemouth, because it didn’t jump. I got it up near the boat - didn’t have a net, but could see it was quite a fish. I lifted it into the boat to remove the hook. It was hooked pretty well, and my intention was to release it.
But as I tried to get the hook out of its mouth, it broke off and dropped right down inside his gullet.

I figured that the fish was going to die and so I decided that if it was going to die, it might as well be on my wall.” The big bass weighed all of six pounds and is now headed for the taxidermists and ultimately, Jim’s wall.