Hook, Line and Sinker: April 9, 2008

Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville reported that the first week of the trout season was very busy. He saw a “fair amount of fish” come through the store and said that both the East Branch of the Delaware River and Pepacton Reservoir had fished well.
The largest trout to come out of Pepacton last week was a nice eight-and-three-quarter pound brown, caught from shore on a Krocodile. The shore fishing was productive, with many anglers using Krocodiles and especially the flashy new hologram varieties. Some have also used bait with success, even salted minnows. Pennsylvania fisherman Ron Golzak, was using both bait and lures and said that the fish were hitting pretty well. He brought in a nice seven-pound, 15-ounce brown.
Although the East Branch was high, a number of fishermen had good luck. Little Joey Lacey of Bainbridge was out with his father, Joe, and they brought into the store a huge brown that measured 27 inches for a photo. The big fish looked to be half the size of Joey!
Another father-and-son team, Jesse Gifford and his son, Dylan, were fishing on opening day and managed to catch a nice brown that measured about two feet in length. They also brought in a big brown that weighed four pounds, five ounces. They took it on a Rapala.
Congratulations to Sonny Somelofski of the Tremperskill Country Store, Andes, who was recently elected President of the New York State Guides Association! Sonny reports that the ice is just about off Pepacton Reservoir. There have been quite a few fishermen out, but the water is still understandably icy cold. He’s seen a few fish brought in to the store but no really big fish yet. Most were in the 16- to 18-inch range. At the upper end, reservoir anglers are fishing from shore. Some are using minnows and golden shiners and a couple were using Krocodile lures.
Louis Stamis from Arkville, a member of the NYS Trappers Association, went out on opening day and caught his limit in the Millbrook – four nice rainbows and a brown. Down by the mouth of the Tremperskill three different fish of about 18 inches apiece were reported.
Dave Budin, of Del Sports, Margaretville, said that the small streams were producing some fish for early-season anglers. Butch Williams, of Margaretville, was fishing the Bushkill near Arkville last week and caught three really big trout, measuring from 18 to 20 inches in length. Butch was successful fishing with worms.
Dave said that one of the game wardens stopped by the store over the weekend and reported a couple of men were fishing below Downs-ville and caught some fish in the 23- to 24-inch range.
Reports of rainbow trout have been coming in, spotted in the Fleischmanns area. Interesting, as the State DEC doesn’t stock rainbows in that stretch of the river. Dave remarked that each year, more and more rainbows are being seen.
Saturday, April 5 marked the celebratory “First Cast” of the trout season held down at Junction Pool on the Beaverkill in Roscoe. One of the four celebrity casters was the new DEC Commissioner, Pete Grannis. I am happy to report, after spending much of the morning with him, that he is an avid outdoorsman who will work hard to preserve and protect the great natural resources we have here in New York State.