Hook, Line and Sinker: April 30, 2008

Typical of our Catskill weather (which is that you can pretty much count on it to be atypical!) we went from a week of 70- to 80-degree temperatures, during which time we shut down our wood stove, back down to the 40s and 50s, with our furnace coming on at night. Earlier last week we noticed a number of pretty good caddis hatches on the lower East Branch but no rising trout. Then on Sunday night, a great Shad Fly hatch just above the East Branch - and that evening, while we were dining at the Riverside Café at Horton on the Beaverkill, we witnessed a wonderful scene from our table as we saw a majestic bald eagle flying slowly upstream, just above the river, and then watched a friend fishing the pool catch a beautiful trout that looked to be a foot-and-a-half in length.
Sonny Somelofski, of the Tremperskill Country Store reported on a number of nice fish that were brought into the store, starting with a four-pound brown trout that measured 21 inches in length caught by Bob Hotaling from Galway. Bob was using a minnow and was fishing from his boat right in the Tremperskill. Sonny’s nephew, John Todd, was out in a boat trolling a Krocodile (Chrome with Blue Prism) with lead core lines and only had about one color out, when he caught a nice six-pound, two-ounce brown trout that measured 23 inches in length.
The great fishing on Pepacton reservoir continued over the past weekend. Sonny mentioned that the water temperature’s starting to rise favorable; on Sunday it measured 54 degrees on the surface, at 10 feet down it was 50 degrees, from 15 – 20 feet down was 44 degrees, and below 20 feet it dropped to 41 degrees. He recommends fishing in about 10 to 18 feet of water.
John Bemel, from Houston, Texas, was fishing in his boat looking for his first trout ever – and was successful with a sawbelly. His fish weighed six pounds, not bad for a first trout!
On Friday Jerry Sauer Jr. from Kingston came in for bait, and returned with a brown trout that weighed eight pounds, six ounces. His father, Jerry Sr., came in five minutes later for bait and promised to be back with a larger trout. After just 45 minutes the Senior Sauer returned with a brown trout that tipped the scales at eight pounds, eight ounces! The following morning Jerry’s brother Bob Hotaling, was back with a nice trout that is leading the April Pool at the store that weighed nine pounds, three ounces and measured 26 inches in length.
Mike Cornwell of Al’s Sports Store, Downsville, reported a nice seven-pound brown trout taken by Charlie Mills of Downsville. Mike said that the reservoir is still high but is not spilling as of Monday morning.
Shore fishermen did well over the weekend – fishing buddies Matt Radomske and Rob Daiga were both successful, fishing with Blue Fox spinners when they caught their fish – a brown that weighed seven pounds, 12 ounces, and another of four pounds, 12 ounces.
Keith Grimm, a veteran Pepacton fisherman from Margaretville, was fishing with sawbellies when he bagged a beauty of a brown trout that topped the scales at nine pounds, six ounces and measured 29 inches in length.
John Contro, who hails from the Binghamton area, was out in a boat fishing with sawbellies when he managed a five-pound, 15-ounce brown. And a nice seven-pounder was taken by Robert Brobeck on sawbellies. Most anglers have found the best fishing last week at just about dawn.