Hook, line and sinker: April 23, 2013

Recent rains have brought some much-needed water to our rivers and streams; as there was a lack of significant snow in the woods and mountaintops that would normally have provided runoff in the early spring. Winter seems to be hanging on, as evidenced by the continued chilly temperatures we’ve had, especially at night. Many of us are still burning wood and reluctant to put our woolens away for the season.

Fly hatches have been slow to start in any great numbers, as water temperatures are still down in the low 40s; however some caddis, Blue Quills and some Hendricksons are starting to emerge.
The East Branch of the Delaware at Fishs Eddy was recorded at 1,580 cubic feet per second (cfs), also a bit above the average flow on this date of 1,390 cfs based on 58 years of record-keeping.

Good fishing
Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville reported that the fishing has been very good. Thankfully, the reservoir has been fishing a lot better than last year. “This year, the fish are fat with big bellies. It’s completely turned around.” Pepacton fishermen are catching “as many big fish as usual….the ones I’m seeing are all fat.”

Shoreline fishing has been productive this past week. Members of the Garigliano family from Bainbridge were out fishing on Monday – father and daughter. She made her first cast just 20 feet from shore, and just as her dad suggested she cast further out, she landed a trout – and then on her second cast, landed another. In just a couple of hours of fishing with Rooster Tails, she had two more, in addition to the trout her father caught.

Joe Solomon from Binghamton was fishing a Kastmaster from shore and landed a nice brown trout that weighed nine and one-half pounds and measured 28 and-one-half inches in length.

Trolling success
Another fisherman was trolling on Friday (the reservoir opened for boat fishing last Friday) and after just an hour had caught his limit. The trout he brought back with him weighed four and one-half, and three and one-half pounds respectively. He was trolling three colors, about 15 feet down, with Sutton Spoons – but noticed that at 120 feet down, on the bottom, his fish finder was “black with fish – bait fish, big trout, etc.” which was interesting, as it seems the fishing has been very productive in the shallow waters, at the ends of the coves, as well as 15 feet down. Looks promising for the season with so many fish being seen all over the reservoir.

Some catch-and-release bass fishermen had a fantastic fishing experience at the upper end of the reservoir. The group was fishing with suspended stick baits and caught and released 75 bass over the weekend, including quite a few largemouth bass, two weighing more than seven pounds.