Honor the Legion's good work


To the Editor:
 Two weeks ago, Don Kearney wrote a letter to the editor outlining the contributions of the American Legion Post to our community and asked the community to help.  Hit hard by Hurricane Irene, the Legion Hall needs more help than what this small group of caretakers can provide.  His letter was a powerful and important reminder.   

It evoked a lifetime of pleasant memories.  I donated to say thanks, for all the Memorial Day parades followed by ice cream sandwiches on the lawn.  To say thanks for the Legion baseball my brother played and we all loved to watch.  To say thanks for maintaining the Legion Hall, as one of our first and foremost community gathering places - a “down-home,” comfortable place where all are welcomed.  To say thanks for sponsoring the oratorical contests which both my brother and I entered every year and which built my public speaking skills at an early age.  I wanted to say thanks for bingo games and supporting scouts, and for fundraisers for other organizations.

The Legion has had a huge and positive impact on my life and the lives of countless members of the community.  And the fact that this is a Legion Post, founded to honor even greater sacrifices, makes it doubly important.  We need this reminder of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  We need to be reminded that those in the “Greatest Generation” not only served their community but their country and the world.  And they have done it not just for a day or a year or a decade, but also for a lifetime in volunteer service. 

Whether you are directly impacted by the Legion, or indirectly, I hope you’ll agree that this building and this organization are very important and deserving of support.  Please send a check today – even if it’s a small one.  And if you can’t donate money, then donate time or talent.  Let our Legion members know you appreciate and honor their sacrifice and help them carry the load.  Just contact Don Kearney at American Legion Post 216, PO Box 41, Margaretville, NY  12455.
Joan Lawrence-Bauer,
Big Indian