Honey-hungry bear damages Woodchuck Lodge


To The Editor:
Help! John Burroughs’ Wood­chuck Lodge was attacked. Actually, the decades-old beehive under the eave was attacked, the Saturday before Easter, by a honey-hungry bear. The bear won the battle, ate the honey, destroyed the hive, and ripped a three-foot-wide hole in John Burroughs’ roof.
The roof is repaired, skillfully, accurate-historically, and the bees are gone, but insurance has a big deductible, and those who maintain Mr. Burroughs’ celebrated summer home are facing an unexpected bill, and the bear’s route of entry – up on the woodshed, then up to the roof – reminds us that the woodshed really needs to be fixed and restored.
Won’t you consider helping? John Burroughs and Woodchuck Lodge belong to all of us who treasure the Catskills and our mountain way of life. Tax-deductible donations in any amount will help restore and maintain the Lodge, sent to Woodchuck Lodge, Inc., Box 492, Roxbury, NY 12474. Thanks.

Bill Birns, President, Board of Trustees, John Burroughs’ Woodchuck Lodge, Inc.