Here's the Scoop: Oct. 29, 2008

Halloween is number one!
Halloween. It’s the new black. And orange.
I’m not sure when Halloween became the trendiest of holidays, but I glad it’s happened.
Sure, I like a good pile of presents as much as the next guy, but Halloween is a much better event, in my book.
Forget the overbearing commercialism associated with Christmas. Do I really care if corporations meet their sales projections? No.
And it’s not like there aren’t a bunch of companies standing in line to make a “killing” off selling their Halloween products. There are. A lot. And each year, Halloween becomes a bit more about “selling.” I don’t care for this very much.

Quick change
On the bright side is the fact that anyone can simply grab an old sheet or a few rolls of toilet paper (unused), wrap them around oneself and hit the streets for a fun night out. If you’re into a bit of door-knocking, the returns from trick-or-treating can be quite rewarding.
The other side of the coin is that you can spend, say, $150,000 getting dressed up as a vice-presidential candidate. Of course, clothes alone probably wouldn’t do that trick.
The other great thing about Halloween is the anonymity that dressing up provides. In case you haven’t noticed, people act differently when they’re garbed in Halloween costumes. And I’m not just talking about those memorable movie characters who use this holiday as an excuse to hack up a bunch of unsuspecting teenagers. That’s just a lack of imagination.
Forget those movie characters. They’re boring. Real-life people are much more interesting on Halloween. I always find it fascinating when low-profile folks who normally wouldn’t leave the house with a hair out of place turn up on Halloween in revealing costumes and act like totally different personalities. Scary.
Which leads me to wonder why sooooo many people enjoy being frightened?
Pick up any publication at this time of year and there a limitless stories and ads about “haunted this” and “haunted that” for peopel to visit.
Apparently, a lot of folks enjoy these frightening Halloween events — nothing like getting chased by a chain saw-wielding ghoul to get one’s blood pumping.
Me, I get my scares reading the financial news each day. Truly chilling. Well, we can always hold out hope for a Halloween candy bailout.