Here's the Scoop: May 28, 2008

Let’s rest every week
Well, we have officially kicked off the start of the “summer season” with the Memorial Day weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I like three-day weekends. A lot. It’s just kind of amusing what a frenzy it causes by giving many folks an extra day off. No matter how somber the occasion that results in the three-day weekend, it seems like the sales have come to outweigh the real reason for many holidays. For Columbus Day, that works. For Memorial Day, it’s wrong on many levels.
Because of its sad overtones, I find Memorial Day to be a holiday that’s most difficult to enjoy. But, like so many others, I certainly don’t mind the extra day off.
This led me to consider the whole three-day weekend concept. For many folks with “irregular schedules,” say those who are firefighters or hospital personnel, the work week is anything but normal. I’m guessing if you already have an oddly structured work regimen, you don’t pay much attention to a three-day holiday.
For many of the rest of us, though, the three-day weekend is something to be celebrated and anticipated. In particular, the oil corporations have really come to appreciate such holidays. There’s nothing like a “driving holiday” to use as an excuse to “drive up” prices at the pump. Not that I’m bitter.
On the brighter side, it’s now once again legal to BBQ for those who live in the northeast. With the weather uncertainties brought about by global warming the “Official Start to the Outdoor Cooking Season” may have to be redefined. I’m thinking this event may soon have to coincide with the New Year’s Holiday — with no real non-BBQ months.

Sailor suit memories
On a personal level, I am not fond of parades. Unfortunately for me, a number of holidays are associated with parades. Plus, there seem to be a growing number of holidays that have not historically had parades as part of a celebration, that are adding such festivities. This is troubling for non-parade fans.
I’m not sure why I don’t like parades very much. The people marching in them seem to enjoy themselves. I can’t be certain without the help of a professional, but I think there’s a deep-rooted resentment of my parents making me wear that little sailor suit to the Memorial Day Parade. It was fine when I was six, but that thing was getting pretty tight when I was 14!
Anyhow, on that note, I will start looking forward to the July 4 holiday. And, this is just a rumor, but “my people” tell me that Big Oil is lobbying Congress to “Make Every Weekend Three Days.” Under the corporate logic, “This type of forward thinking would allow the oil companies to easily map out a strategy for raising prices on a weekly basis and would create fewer periods of merely steady profit-taking.”
The biggest beneficiaries of this concept would be Average Joe Citizen. No longer would we have to wonder about the next big jump in gas and oil prices. With a three-day weekend every week, the gouging — I mean Planned Incremental Profit Incentives (PITI) could be easily digested by the consumer. Plus, we we could be consoled by the fact that oil companies are finally taking PITI on us!