Here's the Scoop: May 26, 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention
Those of you who are easily grossed out (I fit that bill) should stop reading here. I learned this week that a Roxbury resident has become a star on the Internet because of a blanket he invented. This isn’t your everyday blanket. And it’s apparently not going to replace the Snuggie (another great concept that I wrote about awhile back) in homes across America.
OK, I’ve been stalling long enough before getting to the gross part — this blanket is designed to absorb odors. Ones that apparently occur in bed. Gas, I guess it has to be called, since we can’t use the f-word (that rhymes with “smart”) in a family newspaper. That rule doesn’t apply online, though, as the “Smart” (insert real word here) Blanket is a huge hit.
When I first heard this, I thought the inventor must be a few sheets to the wind, but he’s apparently very serious about this product.
Like so many other “great” ideas, The Blanket, as I am choosing to call it, has its own video on the Internet. It’s sort of like a rock band getting noticed on MySpace. Only different, you know?
I have my own dreams of fame and fortune. But, after learning about The Blanket, I can assure you that I didn’t sit back and think, “Why didn’t I invent that?” To me, that’s good on a number of levels.

Product hunting
The blanket’s inventor, apparently, has no such qualms. I read an interview with him and if he’s embarrassed by the fact that he invented this device (or the fact that he felt there was a need for such a thing), I didn’t detect this emotion.
From what I understand, the idea for The Blanket came during hunting expeditions as the inventor was trying to remain undetected by game. No word on increased hunting success, but when this concept eventually made its way into his bedroom, marital bliss supposedly followed. Or something like that. I was getting sick to my stomach at this point and didn’t read the article too closely.
The really odd thing (OK, additional oddity) of this whole big stink surrounding The Blanket is that there’s reportedly interest from across the globe for utilizing this invention to mask all sorts of offensive odors. I guess it’s akin to using Kitty Litter to gain traction for a stuck vehicle.
No word yet whether The Blanket would prove useful in controlling the gas portion of the leaking BP well in the Gulf of Mexico.
I know that I’m making fun of The Blanket — and really — how could you not? Perhaps the inventor will get rich beyond his wildest dreams. Good for him. Or, maybe he’ll simply make (or mask) a few scents.