Here's the Scoop: July 3, 2012

This does not computer
The waiting is over. No more comments like, “I’ll just hold off a bit until the next model comes out.”
After a lengthy period, I finally have a new computer. Anyone who knows me realizes that I have a borderline fanatical fondness for Macintosh products. So, I have added to a multi-decade list of Apple purchases.

These same folks realize that I’m thrifty — thus the long periods between replacing products — no matter how badly they are needed.

To say I was overdue for a computer upgrade is like saying Madonna needs an accountant. I was measuring the age of my old computer in dog years — one dog year, plus a people year. My former computer, by any measure, was a bit ancient.

On one hand, I had pretty much maxed out every ounce of usefulness from my old MacBook Pro. Making its workhorse performance even more impressive was the fact that it was a laptop and hitched a ride on my shoulder just about everywhere — like a kid tagging along behind the Good Humor truck.

Time was running out
Still, as with most machines, the computer’s moving parts had a limited lifespan. One of the keys had fallen off and a second one was nearly tapped out.

Fortunately, I was able to improvise and my typing was not severely limited — I was still able to bang out all necessary words (well, at least the ones I know how to spell) — swear words, too, when an angry e-mail calls for such language.

Despite a few faltering parts, the basics of the old machine still worked quite well. This is where good, old-fashioned innovation takes over.

As the years went by and the folks at Apple realized I hadn’t been making any computer purchases, they began a series of “upgrades” to ensure that only folks with newer machines could enjoy all the new stuff flooding the marketplace. I was getting left in the dust as cool, new programs were introduced, but my aging operating system could not handle these improvements. Angry Birds? Nope, no playing of neat games like that on my machine.

So, it was time to start shopping. This was pretty easy, because I started the process about four years ago. Every time the “next best thing” was introduced, I touted that device as my machine of choice. Then, I’d sit back and wait…for the next next big thing to be unveiled.

This time, though, the procrastinating had to end. My new machine is lighter, faster and pretty darn swell. I have no idea about all of its capabilities, but the game-playing is great!
I’m hoping it will be good for working, as well. That would be a bonus.
— Brian Sweeney