Here's the Scoop: January 15, 2014

Frosting on the...cupcake
The waiting, as they say, was torture. The sweet variety.
I could detect the tempting aroma of the cupcakes baking a mere 20 feet away, but was not allowed a sample. Not even a nibble. This may seem harsh, but the initial description of the setting doesn’t tell the entire story. Cupcakes and I should never be left alone in a room. Throw in a half-gallon of milk and all bets are off.
Plus, it wasn’t like I was being totally banned from cupcake consumption; I merely was being (politely) asked to wait until the frosting had been made and applied. It was a small request — for most people. I, so I’ve been told, am not most people. At least when it comes to gorging on cupcakes.
I can’t really help myself. Cupcakes are everything I like in a treat — they are sweet, they are generally small (so you don’t feel all that badly about wolfing down a bunch of them) and there are no utensils needed. This last point is important because I am prejudiced in favor of foods that can be eaten by hand. Plus, no utensils means no dishes. What’s not to like? Waiting, that’s what.

These things take time
We live in an instant gratification society, where patience wears thin if a website takes more than a few seconds to load. Being nearby when cupcakes are being made, baked and frosted — and not being allowed to have any — is a tough assignment for me. Plus, there were a lot of cupcakes being made. And two types of frosting.
Truth in column writing: I was given approval to sample the batter and the frosting on the “beaters” from the mixer. That was a nice start, but I wanted more. Much more.
So, I waited.
Looking back, I should have gone outside and done something productive to kill some time (and burn some calories) while counting down the seconds until the cupcakes were cool enough to be iced and consumed.
Oh, did I mention that the cupcakes were for an event at my wife’s job and I was unsure how many “leftovers” would have my name on them? Fortunately, for me, (but maybe not the scale) the recipe made tons of cupcakes. Having enough milk on hand to accompany my gorging would be my biggest obstacle.
I may have also failed to point out that the two types of frosting included everyone’s favorite, chocolate, and, caramel — with sea salt.
Speaking of sea salt — it seems to be everywhere these days. And not a moment too soon. Combining sea salt with anything sweet (such as cupcake frosting) is an unbeatable combo in my book. Well worth the wait, too.
— Brian Sweeney