Here's the Scoop: Jan. 20, 2010

There’s no time for shorcuts
I’m starting to think that I am not cut out to live in this current time. Call me old — you won’t be the first.
It’s my hope that as I gain “experience” I won’t become too close-minded. I actually think I’m far more open-minded that I used to be, but my newfound acceptance of the world has its limits.
Something that has been bugging me lately is how Internet abbreviations and acronyms have been taking over the world. Maybe I’m just annoyed that when I receive e-mails from people, I often have no idea what they are trying to say. So, I frequently spend half my time Googling (not too old for that) these writing shortcuts to see what the heck they mean. Ironically, these shortened words and phrases don’t seem to save me any time.
Apparently, the concept of shortening words and phrases is far more widespread that I ever imagined. I’m sure there are many such “services” out there, but I discovered “NetLingo” while researching this column. This is a perfect service for uncool people who need to know what the heck the cool folks are writing.

Who comes up with this?
I must admit that some of the stuff I learned on NetLingo is kind of clever. For instance, 2moro stands for tomorrow. Get it? I thought you might.
We’re starting out slowly here for you beginners. Here’s a related item: 2nite = tonight. This is fun, right?
Now, let’s try something a bit harder: 4EAE. Give up? This reportedly translates to: Forever and ever. Whatever. In my book, it makes no sense.
I guess that’s the thing that struck me as so odd when I went down the lengthy list of NetLingo terms: Why in the world do people make up shortcuts for terms that will almost certainly never be used?
For example, do cool people ever really have the need to type: AIAMU (And I’m a Monkey’s Uncle)? Let’s hope not.
Or, how often do folks tap out ALOTBSOL (Always Look on the Bright Side of Life)?
Here’s another acronym of questionable value: AWGTHTGTTA: Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again? Let’s hope not.
Note here: I typed the fully written out versions more quickly than these abbreviations. Which leads me to think that if people just spent a little more time honing their keyboard skills, there would be no need to have all these clever shortcuts.
Or, it could just be me…BHIMBGO: Bloody Heck, I Must Be Getting Old.