Here's the Scoop: February 8, 2012

I can see it now...almost
Perhaps it’s caused by a steady accumulation of birthdays, but I have issues with manufacturers’ fascination with making everything as tiny as possible.

I guess the ability of make small, yet very powerful, computer chips has led to this state of Smaller is Better. Sure, a lot of products on the market are “Jetsons come to life,” and I admire the innovation taking place. But, most of it hurts my eyes.
Apparently, not everyone in my age bracket feels the same way.

A friend stopped over a few weeks ago and the conversation turned to high-tech gadgets. He likes them. A lot.

“I have really gotten into streaming movies on my iPhone,” he explained.
He then beamed, “I recently finished watching a trio of movies on my phone — in Swedish.”
Subtitles are not something that I’m fond of on the big screen. On a handheld device about the size of my palm, I couldn’t imagine that type of viewing/reading.

This could be interesting
My wife, however, was intrigued by this idea. We are not an anti-technology family by any means, but much of our equipment is long past its “sell by” date. I don’t embrace the latest innovations because the devices come on the market faster than “Republican presidential frontrunners” have changed over the past few months. It’s all a bit too much for me.

The only relatively new tech equipment we own is an iPad. I must note, this is one of the coolest devices ever invented. Since our friend was so thrilled with the ability to watch movies on his small phone, my wife thought it would be cool to try this out on her iPad. It worked. Very well.

“Look,” she exclaimed a few days later. “I’m watching a movie on my iPad!”
Although still a small device, the iPad is tons larger than an iPhone. And, the picture is much clearer than on our “vintage” television. This was indeed cool.

Room with a view
A few days later, I came inside from doing some low-tech wood stacking and my wife was nowhere in sight. I called out and she responded, “I’m in the tub, watching a movie on my iPad.”
I should have known. The device was running on battery power, so it was safe, from that standpoint. Of course, if it fell into the tub, we’d be forced to get the highly-anticipated iPad 3. The rumors about this equipment make it sound like it’s a Ferrari compared to the horse-and-buggy original that we own.

To me, that kind of rapid-advancement is a huge issue with innovation. It’s impossible to keep up.
So, I find it ironic, that in the race to make things smaller, it’s “bigger is better” when it comes to real TV sets. The new televisions being advertised are quite impressive, with huge screens. So what, if they don’t fit in the bathroom?
— Brian Sweeney