Here's the Scoop: February 5, 2014

A 50 percent chance
I have been overrun, so to speak, with feedback on last week’s column regarding my recent slipper purchase. That topic really picked up steam — a slipper-y slope, if you will.
Apparently, lots of readers have a deep connection to their in-house footwear of choice. I had no idea when I wrote about this, just how passionate folks are regarding slippers. It’s actually a bit scary. I mean that in the good way.
I received tons of advice about the type of slippers I should have considered. I even was presented with a couple of free pairs from generous readers. Like any ethical journalist, I had to return these, but I appreciated the gestures. The “slightly used” pair did have a whiff of re-gifting about it, though.
Furthermore, some house guests even commented on my footwear.
“Are those the slippers that gained fame in your column?” I was asked.
Fortunately, there were no requests to try them on. Just in case, I quickly blurted out, “Yes, but they aren’t your size.” I’m very particular about my footwear.

Choose your info
As a general rule, columnists have to be a bit careful regarding their subject matter. That’s why I like to blur the lines between fact and fiction in this space. However, after last week’s column, I did have one “insider” questioning what she felt was an error of omission.
“I can’t believe you didn’t include the part where you couldn’t tell which feet your slippers went on!” she told me.
Well, that would be embarrassing to put in print. Since I just did that, I guess it’s OK to admit that there was a bit of truth about the “left” and “right” confusion. In my defense, I did seek out some, “Huh? I don’t get it” advice to help determine the politically correct left and right sides of my footwear attire. Others were similarly confused. Whew.
I carefully studied the slippers for subtle hints such as a big “L” or “R,” but no such luck. I then used an advanced testing system: walking in the slippers. The results were inconclusive.

Can’t be tied down
As much as possible, I prefer shoes that “slip on” because I can’t stand the constant re-tying that seems to be part of the lace-up options. Plus, I rarely have to study my winter boots to determine the proper way to make them fit — and they aren’t labeled.
But, the slippers proved to be a real head-shaker. Side-by-side and top-to-top comparisons yielded no definitive results about the right (or left) way to mount these on my feet. I finally made an executive decision that the small labels on each slipper should be located on the outside. I’m sure this is right. Or left.
Although I may not be wearing them correctly (a distinct possibility), I’ll admit that I’m getting used to having slippers on my feet — even if I’m not properly outfitted. I’ve started looking for this footwear when I get up in the morning and when I arrive home at night. I really do like these slippers — even if it’s not a perfect Cinderella story.
— Brian Sweeney