Here's the Scoop: Feb. 3, 2010

Where have I seen you before?
We recently took quite a long break from movie rentals. It seemed there was always something going on for about two years and movie-watching was no longer a top priority. Or maybe it was because we moved and hadn’t unpacked the box with the TV.
This year, as winter wore on, my wife and I decided that it might be nice to get back into movie mode. So, we tracked down the TV. It still worked.
The really good part of taking a lengthy hiatus from watching movies is that there’s a nice stockpile of films on the “We Should See That” list. Even better, many of the movies we want to watch have been rented by everyone else long ago, so they’re always on the video store shelves.
So, we started renting again. Unfortunately, it didn’t take too long to view our way to the end of the “We Should See That” document. In fact, it turns out that this list had a few “Why Did We Rent That?” titles on it. That’s how it goes with movies, I guess.
Most of the flicks we’ve seen lately, though (during our newly named “Holy Crap Is Winter Ever Going To End Film Festival?”) have been worth the few bucks and the couple of hours dedicated to the viewing process.
Among our favorites have been “Doubt,” “Julia and Julia” and “Sunshine Cleaners.” These movies had nothing in common from a content standpoint, but they did have one common thread — Amy Adams.
I must admit, I’m not sure that I’d ever really heard of Amy Adams before watching these videos. But when just about every movie we’ve rented recently featured her in a starring role, it soon felt like she was a family member — the Adams Family, I guess you could say.
The good thing is, Amy seems like quite a nice person. Wholesome. Friendly. She also appears to have the original body parts with which she was born — unlike many actresses who must be kept a safe distance from open flames for fear that their chemically-enhanced bodies will burst into flames.
Still, the odd thing was that we didn’t rent any of these movies because we’re key members of the Amy Adams Fan Club (although we are now considering the benefits). It was just a coincidence.
In all of these roles, Amy has played a “nice” person. Although she’s good at her craft, I don’t think the “nice” part is acting. She probably is pleasant in real life. Or, maybe she’s really miserable off the screen — in that case, she’s a great actress.
Before we watched the last movie starring Amy (I feel like we’re on a first-name basis now), the previews included — you guessed it — another Amy flick. Good marketing there.
Stunned by the sheer number of Amy’s films, I went online to check exactly how many movies she has to her credit. A lot. Certainly enough so we don’t have to worry about watching movies Amy-lessly the rest of the winter.