Here's the Scoop: Feb. 25, 2009

The advice is free
Unlike today’s “younger generation,” I haven’t changed jobs a lot. That’s OK with me. And I’m not switching careers now, merely adding an experience to my resume. I don’t think it’s accurate to say I’m becoming a Wedding Planner. I prefer to think of my duties as a Wedding Expense Trimmer (WET).
I’m not really trying to cut into the livelihood of anyone who makes money from weddings (just about everyone, as far as I can tell). I have merely offered to donate my experience as a wedding participant (more than once), father of a bride (hopefully only once) and as a wedding guest (many times) to offer friends some money-saving tips on their upcoming celebration.
Personally, I’m not a fan of buying a piece of clothing that can only be worn one time — although I did once make the mistake of wearing a white shirt to an all-you-can-eat ribs restaurant. As far as I know, you can’t just throw a sweater over a wedding dress.
But I didn’t think my advice of “a smart pantsuit that would make Hillary Clinton proud” was going to gain any traction.
Still, I did float one other piece of fashion advice — men really like work boots and sneakers. I’m not sure, but I don’t think those options will be appearing at this wedding either.

Floral foresight
I figured I might as well jump ahead to the flowers. These items, as we all know, are irresistible to women. I hate to stereotype here, but it’s true. Men? Well, we don’t care. Did I mention that wedding flowers are expensive? Crazy costly.
My suggestion was nice bunch of broccoli for the bride and perhaps unscented cauliflower for the wedding party. These items would be memorable and they easily translate into food savings as “great with dip” during the reception.
Which naturally leads us to the food. There should be some, I suggested. It need not be great, but I recommended trying to avoid anything that is going to make the reception hall floor too slick in the event that anyone overindulges in Dance Enhancer.
Fast-forward to the “cake” department. Skip this, was the advice I offered. Fig Newtons are something that nearly everyone loves…plus, they’re a nice contrast to the typical creamy wedding dress when it comes time for photos.
That reminds me, I forgot to mention the part about pictures. These, I recommended. I hated to admit it, but my instinct is that this is one area where it’s probably OK to spend some extra bucks. After all, it’s important to document all innovative uses of broccoli.
Unless, of course, my friends think my ideas are all WET.