Here's the Scoop: December 21, 2011

Cookies are meant to be eaten
“It’s not bragging, if it’s true.” I’m not sure who originated that idea, but I like it.
I mention this now, because we are in the midst of Christmas Cookie Season and, well, let’s just say that I can eat a lot of these sweet treats.

I’m not referring to those quaint little plates of cookies, the kind that many folks set out for Santa to enjoy. No, I mean the kind of cookie consumption that is definitely not healthy — even though it tastes really, really good.

Heck, if there weren’t a danger of getting burned, or choking, I would probably rig up some sort of chute to download freshly-baked holiday treats directly from the oven into my welcoming mouth.
OK, so maybe my obsession with Christmas cookies isn’t quite that bad. But, it’s close. Now, where did I leave off — I had to take a little cookie break?

It’s not a good habit, but...
Oh, yes, I was writing about my cookie habit. I understand that eating cookies until I can barely move from the couch is the type of behavior that will earn stern warnings from my physician. And, it’s not like I don’t consume “regular” cookies throughout the rest of the year. I am pretty much a 12-month cookie fan. But Christmas cookies are different.

First of all, these cookies are everywhere — thus they are easily accessible. And, they are almost always free. So, the sheer availability of Christmas cookies makes them hard to resist.
There’s also the fact that bakers and/or party hosts feel a seasonal obligation to encourage others to enjoy the taste treats that they have either made or purchased. I, personally, don’t need to be asked twice to indulge in a bit of cookie sampling. So, I jump right in — teeth first. Frequently. Some might call it overindulging. These folks would be correct.

Some shame involved
I’m not saying that I’m proud of my episodes of unbridled gorging on Christmas cookies. I guess it just makes me feel better to acknowledge that this happens to me at this time of year — it saves witnesses from having to gawk and wonder if I know how many cookies I’m consuming. I do. And the exact number is: many, many.

As noted earlier, I realize that such gluttony isn’t really part of a healthy lifestyle. So, I try to balance out these high-calorie cookie Monster episodes by better choices elsewhere. For instance, I no longer consume a half-gallon of eggnog to help the cookies wash down easily. One-percent milk is now my cookie accompaniment beverage of choice.
Well, it’s snack time again. I hope you all enjoy a very cookie crumby holiday. Save a few for me.
— Brian Sweeney