Here's the Scoop: August 20, 2008

Burning desire
After years of talking about it, we recently purchased a “fire pit.” As the name implies, a fire pit is a device in which you make fires. It’s not truly a pit, more of a half-moon. Maybe the name should be changed.
But I’m not here to judge the accuracy of the fire pit terminology. No, I am just happy to have one. First, there’s the fact that we do have a fire pit and no longer have to wish we had one. That’s a bonus.
For those of you who don’t own a fire pit or who are wondering why someone would want one, I guess it’s necessary to explain the appeal of such equipment.
Basically, you can burn things in the fire pit. Namely wood.
I know, it sounds pretty simple. Skeptics may even be questioning the need to purchase a fire pit when piled up rocks have served the same purpose since the beginning of time.
First of all, fire pits are portable (word of caution: once the coals have gone out). You can pretty much have a fire wherever you please — indoors is not recommended, however.
We kind of move our fire pit from the front of the house to the back of the house for a pit — I mean bit — of variety.
Some of you may still be asking: So what?
Good question.

Moving along
Think of all the advantages of having a portable fire. Um, I can’t really come up with a lot either, but it’s good knowing you can move the fire, if you like.
But that’s not the coolest part of the fire pit. It’s the fire itself. Who can resist the scent of a campfire? Not me.
There’s something truly romantic about gazing into a small, but roaring fire, sipping a cool drink and dreaming.
That is, of course, unless the person who moved the fire pit took the mobility thing a bit too far and didn’t take wind into account and the fact that downwind wooden porches are also flammable! During times like these it seems like a really good idea that we installed hose hookups on both the front and back of the house. Whew.
This little lesson on fire pit safety is provided free of charge, as a public service.
But let’s get back to the benefits of a fire pit. The opportunity to enjoy a warming fire on a chilly Catskill Mountain evening is exciting in itself. The biggest advantage of this device, though, is the chance to prepare s’mores on the open fire pit!
Some graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows are the perfect ingredients for an evening snack in the midst of nature. And nobody goes to the Emergency Room for burns resulting from failing to let the marshmallow portion of s’mores to cool properly. Well, very few people.