Here's the Scoop: April 15, 2009

Now who’s the dork?
For years, I have started my mornings from early spring through early fall with a review of the box scores to check the progress of my Fantasy Baseball players.
Back in the “olden days” this procedure was done with the assistance of newspaper box scores. This was problematic for several reasons. First, I would leave the house early to grab a newspaper. Some members of our household failed to see the importance of this task.
Even after a newspaper was secured, the publication would certainly lack the results from the late night games on the Left Coast. This was a drag. Sure you could check the TV for this information, but this option usually was lacking in details.
This entire problem was solved a few years back when I helped Al Gore invent the Internet. This contraption allowed our Fantasy Baseball League (affectionately known by some as the League of Dorks — I think that’s meant in the nice way) to secure its own Web site. Now, there’s no need to race out and grab a newspaper first thing in the morning.

It’s a home run!
In fact, we have all the information one could ever need to know about Fantasy Baseball just a few mouse clicks away. This is great! Or not. Depending on one’s view of Fantasy Baseball.
I’ll admit that I felt a bit odd concerning my Fantasy Baseball fascination for a number of years. Was I truly a dork? Probably. But I think that was the case long before I had ever “drafted” my first player in the league. For those of you not familiar with Fantasy Baseball, I’ll skip the long explanation and just put it this way: If you’re a dork and like real baseball, it’s probably something you’ll enjoy.
The same cannot be guaranteed for a spouse or other loved ones. They sometimes experience a “disconnect” between Fantasy Baseball and everyday life. I’m putting this nicely — they simply don’t understand the attraction of following the statistical achievements of real, live major league baseball players and how this can result in a passionate following from members of the League of Dorks.
Actually, when I type this out, I have a hard time believing that I can get so wrapped up in this pursuit of a Fantasy Baseball Championship.
My Fantasy Fanaticism was truly beginning to concern me a bit until I had a revelation the other day. We are just a little more than a week into the season and I’m already blabbering about the ups and downs of my “team.”
But no one is listening. However, the reason they’re not listening has nothing to do with a lack of interest in Fantasy Baseball. No, it seems the rest of the world is preoccupied with the injured contestants on Dancing with the Stars or who got tossed off The Bachelor. I’m not sure what those things are, but they sound really dorky.
— Brian Sweeney