Harvest Moon Ball a success


To The Editor:
On behalf of the Harvest Moon Ball and its committee members, we would like to thank all those who love our Catskill Mountain community, both near and far, who have volunteered their time and talents, their energy and imagination.
Our sponsors, contributors, and advertisers, whose support and participation made the Harvest Moon Ball a success and a reality, our gratitude.  
To the attendees at the event, you delved into your inner Daisy and Jay and came with your best of 1920s attire and spirit, you all did Mr. Fitzgerald proud.   Dick Tucker, thank you for filling in at the last minute, to play the piano for the guests, in the lobby at Hanah.  
A special thanks to all the local media for keeping the event in the minds of the community and the overall purpose of raising funds to assist in upgrades at our local health care facility, Margaretville Hospital and Mountainside Residential Care Center.
Kathy Lasslob
and Carmen Lopez,
Harvest Moon Ball