GREATEST Street performers Festival coming to Roxbury


Roxbury — For one supercalifragilistic afternoon only, come to the streets of Roxbury for the most astounding, most audacious and most everything Busk & Bard Street Entertainment Extravaganza!!
Beginning at noon on both major boulevards of this historic hamlet, you’ll stand in wonder at equestrians, aerialists, fire-eaters, tightrope walkers, mimes, clowns, caricaturists, manicurists, face painters, face makers, acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, unicyclists and you. 

Yes, that’s right —You Yourself can get in on the act! But like every good trooper worthy of the boards, you must audition! “How is that possible?” you say, “I live in Cheesequake, New Jersey!” Just video yourself and your usually unusual performance (this might be a two person job), share it to Facebook (, then offer suitable bribes to all your friends to “Like It.” Whomever gets the most likes by any (unactionable) means possible will be featured as the Opening Act for Bacchanal’s big show at 4 p.m. You Yourself could thereby be the Beginning of the End of The Greatest Show on EARTH! and win the adulation of millions of fans.

But there’s lots to enjoy before your big entrance! Flips on Stilts, Go-Go Aerialists, Fire-breathing Sword Swallowers, Terrifying Trapezists, and Conjuring Tarot Card Mystics are but a few of the Confounding and Consternating acts of wild-eyed wonder you’ll witness all day, via the Wandering Artistry of Bacchanal Promotions and the phenomenal and fabled troupe of bodacious barnstormers they seem to carry along wherever they go. Bacchanal will take to the streets all afternoon, then at 4 p.m. they mysteriously convene themselves into a crafty concatenation for Their Really Big Show. 
Equally astounding is the extravagant yet equinamious equine artistry of JD WInslow and his Steadfast Steeds of Grace and Grandeur, Zeus and Athena. JD and his amazingly equiposed team will show you the Unbelievably Breath-taking Ballet that can only occur when human and horse charge forth as one mind. 

All day long, you’ll be sensually sidetracked by a street-side bonanza of savory snacks and exotic victuals. There will be a veritable collusion of Clowning Around, Impromptu Thespians, miles of Mimes of Wordless Whimsy, marvelous milliners making wacky, over the top headwear for every noggin, caricaturists creating cartoons, and every imaginable form of Body Artistry. The renowned championship Vintage Base Ball Club, the Roxbury Nine, will be in full swing for all their cranks in Kirkside Park’s legendary Ball Field. The game will be broadcast live from WIOX 91.3 FM, Roxbury’s own community radio station.

We guarantee the First Annual Bonanza Bard & Busk Street Entertainment Extravaganza to prove so Delectably Diverting and Fabulously Flabbergasting that you and your entire clan will dispatch forthwith to the Public House (open for liquid refreshment throughout the afternoon!) for a quaff of something fortifying and quenching of the parchment.

Come one and come all on Saturday, Sept. 1 for The First Annual BUSK & BARD Street Entertainment Extravaganza, a Day Never to be Forgotten in the Annals of Unheard of and Exotic Public Spectacle!! 607 326-3722 or at and facebook.