Gillibrand supporters rally in New Kingston

More than 40 people joined Alan Dee and Frank Buffone at their New Kingston residence Saturday afternoon for a “Farm Country Rally for Gillibrand.” Representative Kirsten Gillibrand is running for reelection to New York’s 20th U.S. Congressional District.
“I’m encouraged to see the energy and support coming from our community — particularly from young people,” said Delaware County Democratic Committee (DCDC) Secretary Lisa Tait. “The goal today was to raise funds, make connections and get volunteers lined up for phone banking and canvassing. With over $3,000 in donations and new names on the volunteer sheet, I’d say we had a successful day.”
Kirsten Gillibrand was unable to attend the event, but she addressed the group and fielded questions via telephone. Featured speakers included DCDC Chair Cindy Lockrow, Delaware County Volunteer Coordinator Matt Northrup and Field Organizer Sarah Gitlin.