Fund-raiser for Andes Central School teacher


By Joe Damone
The Andel Inn and the Andes Central School PTSA hosted the second of three fund-raisers for injured ACS teacher Kerry McCracken last Sunday. The money collected from these events will be used to renovate Mrs. McCracken’s home so it is wheelchair accessible. Mrs. McCracken’s right leg had to be amputated last November after an auto accident in Stamford. This event raised $1,500, 100 percent of which will go to the renovation of Mrs. McCracken’s home.
The Stoddard Hollow String Band and The Tremperskill Boys donated live music and the Andel Inn provided all food and beverages, the fund-raiser location and for all the staff.
Additional donations may be forwarded to the Andes Central School, attention Andes Central School PTSA.