Freshtown Market opens doors; total store makeover will follow

Margaretville — The new Freshtown of Margaretville opened its doors for business last Wednesday, just 13 days after its owners took possession of the former A&P grocery store site on Bridge Street in the village.
Officials at PSK Super-markets, a family-run supermarket company operated by the Katz Family of Mount Vernon, announced that they were thrilled to open and begin serving the residents of Margaretville and the surrounding area.
Noah Katz, vice president stated, “Our goal was to get the store open with the existing equipment within two weeks so we were very happy to reach that goal when we opened on the 13th day after taking possession of the site.” He added, “Now that the store is open, we will finish up the bidding process and begin a full-scale renovation this year.”
The store will remain open during the improvements, which will take place mostly at night.
Dan Katz, also a vice president, stated, “We were happy to be received so warmly by the community. So far the feedback has been great and people seem very pleased with our pricing, stock level, and cleanliness.” He added, “Our associates worked very hard stocking and cleaning so we could get the store back open and many, many customers expressed that they were very happy with the improvements so far.” The company officials both stated that they place a very high emphasis on customer service which the people will enjoy as they shop.
Bob Griffiths, the store manager, stated, “We place a big emphasis on listening to our shoppers and on bringing in the items they request. We have access to all the items in our order books that are available from the biggest wholesalers, so people should be sure to ask if there are items they want brought in.”
Freshtown is part of the 60-store Foodtown buying cooperative. Foodtown purchases merchandise at truckload prices and pays the same costs as all the major chains. This allows the stores to be competitive with all major chains. Company officials stressed that grocery prices would remain very competitive and shoppers would no longer have to leave town to do their food shopping.
Noah Katz added, “I think we made a really nice first impression on our opening weekend and I know our store is going to get better and better as we renovate and carry the items our shoppers are asking for.” He also stated, “We really want to thank the shoppers of Margaretville and the surrounding area for welcoming us so warmly to the community. We look forward to serving them and earning their business for years and years to come.”
“Everything’s going fantastic,” said store manager Bob Griffiths. “The response from the community has been amazing as far as how pleased they are. I really think it’s an amazing place with terrific people,” Griffiths said. “It’s very friendly, and people have made us feel very welcome.”
Griffiths added, “Everybody’s been requesting items they’d like to have, and with every delivery I have 20 or 30 customer requests that I’m putting on the shelves. The response has been terrific.”
He explained that the work to transform the store into a modern supermarket will begin very soon.
“The entire store, inside and out, is going to be redone,” Griffiths said. “It will be a beautiful storefront in terms of the architecture, and inside all departments will be expanded with new equipment and new cases.”
Griffiths said renovations to the storefront will begin in two weeks, and they hope to have completed the revamp by May.
“Most work will be done at night,” he said. “We will be open and operational throughout with minimal disruption, and the customers will not be inconvenienced at all. We’ve got this down to a science.”