Freshtown celebrations pick up steam; Christmas target date for completion

By Brian Sweeney
Renovations to the new Freshtown Supermarket in Margaretville are in full swing and store officials hope to have all work completed by Christmas.
PSK Supermarkets Vice President Noah Katz said this week the renovations of the former A&P Supermarket on Bridge Street are progressing well. The store reopened as a Freshtown last January. After a number of months of planning, major work on the total overhaul of the store got underway several months ago.
“It’s in full swing – our goal is to get the whole thing done by Christmas,” Mr. Katz told the News. “Everything in the store is getting replaced. It’s a big job inside and out.”
The new owners, who own 14 other supermarkets under the Freshtown and Foodtown names, will be replacing virtually everything in the building.
At the same time, innovative use of the structure will expand the store more than 4,000 square feet, to approximately 17,000 square feet.
Mr. Katz said the HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment systems will be located in the “tower” constructed at one end of the building. Additional retail space will be achieved by expanding into the former laundry building adjacent to the store. This area will be utilized for storage space, with the former storage space being converted into retail.
There will also be a space gain by relocating the front walls so that what is currently a sidewalk is enclosed space. Raising the ceiling two feet will also provide additional room for product storage.
The renovations will result in a store that is new, from top to bottom, including meat cases, registers, ground-floor rest rooms and office space.
The store will remain open throughout the renovation process.
On the outside, the Freshtown parking lot will be paved, as will the vacant lot across Bridge Street that the company also purchased. There will also be lighting and landscaping in both parking lots. Mr. Katz said plans are being developed to assure easy shopping cart access to the new lot. He also indicated that the lot will be open for community use.
Mr. Katz said his company is already feeling very much a part of the local community and has been supporting many local nonprofit fund-raising events.
We’ve been very warmly received in the community and we’re very thankful,” he stated. “It’s going to be an exciting store.”