Freedom is not free


To The Editor:
The controversy continues involving the New York SAFE Act. Both sides have voiced their opinion involving what this will or will not accomplish. The April 15 deadline is fast approaching. Will New York follow Connecticut and will citizens revolt and not register their so-called “Assault Weapons”?
Some things are really not debatable concerning this act:
One, the way it was pushed into law by our governor was a disgrace to our constitutional process. This was a violation of our state constitution as well. This was done in the early morning hours under the disguise of a “Measure of Necessity.” It clearly was not.
Two, the normal process of review, debate and letting our citizens contact their reps to voice their concerns was violated. Our governor did this deliberately. The Governor knew that even various law enforcement agencies had concerns involving what was in this bill.
Three, and what is even more disgraceful is that both our assembly and senate let it happen. They only had a few hours to read the content of exactly what this bill would accomplish and what impact it would have on the citizens of New York. Yet, they went ahead and voted. Why? This question still remains a mystery. Our reps should have walked out and refused to vote on this bill.  They represent the people and they have all violated their oath of office.
The anti-gun (banners), say it will save lives and prevent mass murder? That this is ‘sensible gun’ bill. You don’t need high capacity magazines and so called assault weapons for hunting.  They say it does not prevent anyone from owning a gun – that can legally own a firearm; therefore, it does not infringe on any ones rights to keep and bear arms. It does not violate the Second Amendment of our constitution. Reasonable restrictions are allowed.
It has all ready come under fire on multiple fronts, and is in the courts. This is a clear violation of our protected right to self defense. It is not about hunting or target shooting.
The arbitrary seven-round magazine limit has been declared illegal. New York had/ has a 10 round high-capacity magazine limit all ready. However, our law enforcement is exempt from this restriction. Why?  They know seven or 10 rounds is not sufficient in a life and death self-defense situation. Yet, our state government feels this is adequate for us regular citizens to defend our loved ones.  Criminals come in packs and won’t comply with the magazine limit. Dial 911 and wait is the response. When seconds count, I want more firepower to defend myself.
The so-called Assault Weapon is a fabricated term used to register/ban common semi-automatic firearms through­out this country. These AR-15 type rifles that are in civilian hands are not the weapons used by our military.
Does registration lead to confiscation? Some say yes. Connecticut citizens have spoken, now New York citizens will speak.
Freedom is not free and for once it is lost, it is forever gone.
Richard Rossi, Denver