Fleischmanns teenager has first book published


Fleischmanns resident Eric Baker will be signing copies of his new book Forest On Fire on Saturday, Aug. 10 from noon-2 p.m. at the Fairview Library in Margaretville.

Eric, 17, worked on his first novel for about a year before completing the fictional work, which was produced by opendoorpublishers.com

A 2013 graduate of Margaretville Central School, Eric has written a number of short stories and has had his work published by an online magazine.

Eric’s inspiration for Forest On Fire was based upon his interactions with people in his everyday life, but he set the novel in the 1800s.

Story summary
The book jacket sums up the story as follows: “Ian Conners is a young farmer in the small Nebraska town of Keytor. He lives along on a large farm that was left in his hands after his father vanished mysteriously in a nearby forest.

“One morning, when Ian goes to town, he doesn’t realize that his life is about to change forever. He meets a young woman named Betty Candice and all of his loneliness is forgotten. A budding romance begins. Life seems to be improving for him, until the reason that his father and others have been disappearing in the forest shows up. Now, Ian must find a way to protect the town and his new family before it’s too late.”

Eric currently is employed as a dishwasher and prep cook at the East Branch Inn Between in Margaretville. He is pleased that he has published his first novel, but said he’s unsure if he will pursue writing as a full-time profession. No matter where his career path leads him, Eric said he’s certain that he’ll continue writing in some manner.

Forest On Fire is available in paperback at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com. There is also a downloadable e-Book on both sites. The book is also sold at the East Branch Inn Between.
Eric is the son of Valerie and Lyle Baker and grandson of Valerie and James Jamrozy of Arkville.