Fleischmanns shut out of Reconstruction Zone funds

By Joe Moskowitz
A glaring omission from the list of area communities eligible for Reconstruction Zone funding status is the Village of Fleischmanns. Fleischmanns is struggling to recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Irene and the New York State money would go a long way toward restoring its infrastructure.

Fleischmanns Mayor Todd Pascarella said yesterday he doesn’t know why Fleischmanns was overlooked and he says he spoke with Assemblyman Pete Lopez on Monday to see if Lopez knew what happened. Pascarella says Lopez was not involved in the state’s decision and said he doesn’t know why Fleischmanns isn’t on the list. Lopez speculated that it may have just been an oversight or perhaps the plan is to put the village at the top of the list for future programs. Pascarella says Assemblyman Lopez vowed to try and find out what happened.

Received some funding
Pascarella says it is possible that because Fleischmanns is getting $1.5 million for streambed restoration work, far more than any other area community, the state may have thought that flood mitigation is being taken care of. That work will begin shortly as Department of Environmental Conservation regulations prohibit any work in streams after September 30 because of spawning trout populations.

Meanwhile, Pascarella says he will continue to try and find out why the Village isn’t eligible for the 3 million dollars and hopes that Fleischmanns will come first when there is a new round of funding.