Fleischmanns plans new village square

Staff report
Fleischmanns will soon have a new village green, a place where people can meet, with food and phones, and a community bulletin board. 

This new public square will provide shelter and welcome to visitors, and parking for 70 cars. 
Funding for the renovation of the centrally located village parking lot into a new landscaped village square is to be provided by MARK’s Main Street Renewal Program.

Longtime resident Bud Sife designed the project, a project he has been pushing for 30 years. The devastation of the August 2011 flood led the village to look again at the proposal. MARK’s support makes it feasible.

The proposed square is designed to create a place where visitors can pause to consider the hospitality and amenities of the village.

Tree-lined, the mini-park/parking lot promises to be shady and cool in summer.  The waterfront will be landscaped and safe, providing a river-walk with seating, a place for contemplation.
When completed, Main Street will also be shaded by trees. 

A tall hedge will frame the existing gazebo, screening the parked cars and providing a new center of the village with a green aspect and a noise buffer for a quieter street.

A central green and horseshoe drive is designed to provide a venue for civic functions, with a tall, shaded light-tower and electrical connections for use in parties, dances, exhibitions, farmers’ markets, yard sales, concerts, flag raisings, parades and other civic events.

Shade trees and recycled poles will curb the greenway. The park will have a fresh, woody feeling.
This new meeting place is designed to provide a relaxed, sociable atmosphere, welcoming visitors and locals alike. Fleischmanns hopes to foster an improved business environment, seeking prosperity in these times of economic uncertainty.

“For many years Fleischmanns, has been known for its friendliness and natural beauty,” Sife commented. “This new amenity will help restore hospitality.”