Fleischmanns beefing up parking law enforcement

By Jay Braman Jr.
Be careful where you park in Fleischmanns.
While violators of the no parking zones in the village may have in the past gotten off with a warning, it appears those days are gone following a special meeting of the village’s board of trustees Monday evening that had the board and audience members standing on Main Street and arguing over where parking zones end.
Mayor Dave Morell called the session because threats of legal action have been made against the village by at least one resident who claims the village is guilty of discrimination through the use of “selective enforcement” of the law.
At first convening in the Skene Memorial Library, Morell adjourned the meeting to bring the trustees to the west end of the village near Depot Street where one resident is demanding a no parking zone, in effect since 2003, be removed.
Cars and trucks rushed past the crowd, forcing some to cringe in discomfort, as Morell and the trustees tried to decide whether it was a section safe enough to allow parking.
Back at the library the meeting was reconvened. After some discussion the trustees reached consensus that they would not alter the law at this time.
“I say we speak to our enforcer and tell him to start enforcing,” said Trustee Fred Woller.
Morell warned the board that the issue was not going to go away. He also said that last week he was considering changing the no parking zone near Depot due to the legal threats being made by someone who Morell said has “considerable resources.” Should this become a legal matter it could prove costly to the tiny village, he added, and he felt the board was “held hostage” by a highly motivated special interest group that was simply trying to strong-arm them.
But ultimately the board concluded that it was a safety issue and not a political one. As it now stands the parking law, which the town attorney has reviewed and deemed to be a sound one, will remain and be enforced to the full extent everywhere in the village.
Until now, no parking ticket has ever been issued in the village.
“They give warnings,” Woller said.
The village will also review all signage to make sure it is properly, and legally, placed.