Fire damage limited at New Kingston home

By Brian Sweeney
A New Kingston home sustained only minor damage in a fire Sunday evening. The fire on the property of Richard and Pat Connell reportedly started in a woodpile adjacent to the house, according to Margaretville Fire Chief Gene Rosa.

The MFD chief said that an initial investigation points to the fire possibly resulting from a daylong rain causing a short-circuit in a work light. The fire then ignited a woodpile adjacent to the Connells’ home on Jensen Road.

Firefighters were able to limit the spread of the fire. Chief Rosa said that the siding was damaged on one wall of the house, several windows were destroyed and flames got into the eaves.
Chief Rosa reported that firefighters managed to keep the fire out of the house and water damage was minimal.

He said that when firefighters arrived, the homeowners were attempting to control the blaze with water from a garden hose.

The fire was reported about 7:30 p.m. and volunteers remained on the scene until about 10:30 p.m. No injuries were reported.

Fire departments assisting Margaretville at the scene were from Halcottsville, Arkville and Bovina. Volunteers from Fleischmanns, Pine Hill and Delhi provided standby aid.