Feb. 4, 2009: Pleasant boost from new market


To The Editor:
What a pleasant surprise! Last Wednesday I shopped at the new Freshtown store in Margaretville. It was clean, attractive, well stocked and competitively priced.
While shopping with my mother, we were warmly greeted by Noah Katz—his family owns Freshtown. Noah Katz walked the aisles and welcomed all shoppers to the new market. Although crowded, all checkouts were at work—no long waiting lines. I’m impressed!
I’ve served on the village planning board for many years and strongly encouraged numerous business projects. When all was said and done, more was “said” than done. What a “fresh” boost for Margaretville to have the Katz family invest millions of dollars, in an uncertain economic time, to open a new Freshtown here.
I strongly believe in “Trickle Down” economics. A new market will encourage more business, more jobs, more sales tax and property tax revenues for this area. The Katz family has already supported the other businesses in this village by purchasing the Mirabito parking lot (old Gulf station). They are encouraging not only just shopping at Freshtown, but walking up to the Main Street shops, where parking is difficult at times.
The Katz family has backed their “talk” with action. I welcome them and will support them as a loyal Freshtown customer.
I ask whoever lives in this area to forget the bad experience you may have had in the old A&P. Please consider if that trip to the “chain” or “mart” store in Oneonta or Kingston is really worth it, when a new competitive family-owned market is right here. I hope you will decide to support a market that will definitely support our area!

Dave Budin,
Village of Margaretville Trustee
Owner/Del-Sports, Inc.