Feb. 4, 2009: Get real with tax assessments


To The Editor:
It comes as no surprise that our economy is in bad shape, with Delaware County perhaps hurting more than most. We lack any significant commercial tax base and that base continues to deteriorate.
So what is the solution to this problem of a decreasing tax base and severe deflation of property values? It seems the Town of Andes and Margaretville schools have come up with a solution, simply increase the “full market value” of property and thus increase tax revenue.
The Town of Andes has advised that for the coming tax year the “full market value” of my property has increased by 95 percent with a similar increase for the school tax. Consider the lack of rationale for this increase. Market values have collapsed across the nation, yet our local governments conclude property values are soaring. The real reason is a short-sighted effort to support decreasing revenue in a failing economy, but the real result is to force residents to pay more to local government with the result that even less money goes into the local economy causing more people to leave and additional business to close.
This is a course of action that will drive our entire economy to complete collapse. The government needs to get real or they will soon be left with no one to tax but themselves. Increasing taxes on those of us who remain without any rational support is self-serving and self-defeating and will only lead to depression not recession.

Douglas Brosky,