Feb. 26 2014 Puzzles


Puzzle instructions below. This week our crytopgram quote is not from a person, but it is about a Catskills point of pride. If you’re really stumped you’ll always find a hint on the classified page of our print edition. And our Word Jumble also features Catskills-related terms and place names. The solution will be revealed in this column a week after publication. There is always a print quality PDF version attached to download and print.

Instructions: Cryptogram
Cryptograms are simple substitution puzzles, in which one letter of the alphabet stands for another. For example, if “ZKT” were the code for the word “THE,” then every Z in the puzzle would stand for T. Look for telltale letter patterns and words that almost any sentence will have, like “the” or “and,” and easy verbs and prepositions like “is,” “of” or “to,” which will help you figure out the longer words.
Instructions: Cryptogram
Unscramble the Catskills-related words, then use the letters in the circles to find the missing word in the puzzle. Solutions will be revealed on our website next week.

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