Feb. 18, 2009: Republicans are bereft of ideas


To The Editor:
Republicans in Congress, especially those in the House, have again shown that they are bereft of ideas to turn this country’s economy around. The recovery plan that would bring much needed money to New York State, allowing it to maintain services, like those at Belleayre Mountain, was derided by Republicans as “generational theft.” Yet they offered no alternatives excepting further tax cuts for the financial elite, like the Bush tax breaks they doled out to billionaires in the past, which helped get us into this mess.
Why didn’t they have similar problems with spending when their Bush era spending sprees took the country from record surpluses to record deficits? We have heard the Republicans talk of bipartisan cooperation, yet not one House Republican voted for the economic stimulus package, even after it was altered significantly, based on their input. Again out of power, the GOP is becoming obstructionist, like a crotchety old guy who can only say “no.” It is time for the Republican party to acknowledge its responsibility for deepening our financial crisis, and begin to act responsibly to help get us on the road to recovery.

Mona Lee Sheehan,