Fairview Library helps people get online through Connect2Compete

Margaretville — Connect2Compete is a new initiative at the Fairview Library to promote the importance of digital literacy skills and increase access to free computer and Internet training classes through EveryoneOn campaign.

Connect2Compete is a unique collaboration of government, corporate, philanthropic and community leaders committed to harnessing technology, especially the transformational power of the Internet, to improve the lives of Americans and their ability to thrive in the global economy.

Three options
Connect2Compete will help Americans access technology through three exciting offers: free digital literacy training, discounted high-speed Internet, and low-cost computers. To promote the work, Connect2Compete will create a national outreach campaign focused on the importance of technology to develop digital skills and find new opportunities.

Low-income and minority Americans disproportionately find themselves on the wrong side of the
digital divide and excluded from the $8 trillion digital economy and all of its benefits. More than 80% of FORTUNE 500 companies post their job openings online only and require online applications. Fifty percent of today’s jobs require technology skills, and this percentage is expected to grow to 77% in the next decade.

The EveryoneOn campaign aims to help the millions of Americans who do not have the digital literacy skills they need to succeed and help them understand the relevance the Internet has in their lives. Whether it’s finding a job, helping their children complete homework for school or accessing e-commerce, electronic medical records and connecting with distant family, it is vital that we encourage every American to take advantage of the tools they need to succeed.

Computer available
Refurbished computers are available to families in Middletown – if your family is on the free or reduced school lunch program. Or – if you belong to a non-profit organization that has been approved as an ‘EveryoneOn’ partner. Or – If you live in one of 14,000 zip codes across the country as defined by having the median income of the county being under $35,000.

The Fairview Public Library on Walnut Street, Margaretville is partnering with EveryoneOn by providing free wifi, public access computers, and one-on-one and small group training sessions. Learn more by contacting the library at 845 586-3791.