Exhibition by Roshan Houshmand in Andes


Andes — On display at the Andes Society for History and Culture’s Hunting Tavern museum is the exhibition entitled “Petrichor; Far and Recent” featuring paintings, block prints, collage, and Persian calligraphy of poetry by Rumi and Khayyam by Andes artist Roshan Houshmand. 

Author and Ph.D. A. Daneshvari writes, “Roshan Houshmand’s paintings are melodic fusions of the eastern and western traditions. And here lies the vigor of her art; to make the east a metaphor of the west and vice versa.  Eastern textile designs, subtlest of mutations, are transformed dramatically to assume familiar shapes. 

“Familiar only because the images speak with the appropriate élan for the western context of experience.  The mood evoked is a perfect and harmonious mixture of the inexplicable mystery of Persian gardens and the transcendent spirituality of the western abstraction.  All attained in the most original of schemes and with eclecticism sedulously proscribed.  Never before have these dichotomous spirits been so contiguous and their boundaries so inseparably fused.”

Please call 676-3895 or email Roshan@catskill.net to make an appointment to see the show. The Hunting Tavern museum is located at 288 Main Street, Andes. Hours are Saturdays 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and by appointment. Admission to the exhibit, on display through November, is free.