Edible plant hike planned for Sept. 22

Halcottsville – Registered nurse and herbalist Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower will lead a hike on Saturday, Sept 22 originating at the Pakatakan Farmers’ Market at the Round Barn and embark on a journey into neighboring woods to discover the bounty of edible and nutritious plants common to the area. 

The informative hike is part of a series entitled “Leaves, Weeds, Seeds and Shoots” which introduces beginners and experienced herbalists to the flora of a different Delaware County location about once a month. 

Uhlmann-Bower offers a different perspective on plants usually eliminated as nuisances to gardeners and landscapers, “It’s time we look ‘up’ to the weeds below us, in our over grown gardens, in the woods and fields permeated with ‘invasive species’, as places which offer irreplaceable forms of food that remain misunderstood by current day thinking.”

The title of the series underscores one of the lessons of the weed walks, “Harvesting foods and medicines requires not only identifying plants but also knowing which part of the plant to harvest and when in the growing season the relevant parts are ready to harvest.” Although the forests and fields of the Catskills offer an abundance of useful plants, Uhlmann-Bower points out that it is important to use sustainable harvesting practices and not endanger the population of useful plants.  

In addition to locating various species of plants in the field and expounding upon their nutritional values, Uhlmann-Bower often wraps up the weed walks with a tasting of foods prepared with wild-crafted ingredients in partnership with the hosts of the sessions which this year have included the Turquoise Barn, Masonville General Store, and Harmony Hill Retreat Center.

In addition to a nursing degree from SUNY Delhi and an apprenticeship in herbal healing, Uhlmann-Bower is also versed in biodynamic farming, ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, and botany and she is a co-founder of the Delaware County Herbal Network Group.

Those interested in joining the hike from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. should wear comfortable hiking shoes and meet at the Round Barn pavilion located at the Pakatakan Farmers’ Market located on Route 30 in Halcottsville. 

The suggested donation is  $15 per person. Proceeds will go to local hydrofracking education.
To pre-register call 606 278-9635 or email 3moonsisters@gmail.com.