Ed Perazone honored on 80th birthday

By Margaret Inge
A crowd of family and friends gathered at the Roxbury Arts Group on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Ed Perazone’s 80th birthday. While many traveled from afar, it was all a surprise for Ed.
Ed is probably best known as one of the founding partners of Alta Log Homes and the engineering genius behind their distinctive designs. He and his wife Betty moved to the area from Saddle River, New Jersey and raised their three sons David, Stephen and Brian in Roxbury. Sons David of Oneonta and Brian of Roxbury were in attendance with their wives, Kim and Ruthann, and a host of grandchildren.
The festivities included readings by granddaughters Dr. Tracey Henderson and Lisa Walker of the words from friends and family far and wide.
Typical of the sentiments are these from the letter of invitation from son David; “Of course I could write a book (my mother keeps insisting I do just that) about my father and his incredible journey through life. Both my parents for that matter would provide enough material for two books. The fact that dad is here at all is testament to the man’s personal inner strength and amazing ability to overcome all odds no matter how seemingly insurmountable. That’s the man that raised me. That’s the man that taught me never to give up. That’s the man that taught me about family values. That’s the man that instilled a strong sense of loyalty and integrity in me. That’s the man that cared about everyone else around him before he cared for himself. That’s the man that gave of his time without hesitation whenever anyone needed it. That’s the man you could rely on to be truthful and honorable no matter what the situation. That’s the man who believes there is a right way and a wrong way to do something (anything).) That’s the man that shared his love and life with the world for going on 80 years.”
Music was provided by Nightlife, which features Ed’s son David on the drums. Mary’s Cookin’ served up an assortment of Ed’s favorite dishes.