DWI test results allowed in Andes fatal crash case


An Andes woman who was involved in a fatal accident last December appeared in Delaware County Court last week and sought to suppress results of a blood-alcohol test and statements she made following the accident. Christine Arnao, 45, is facing misdemeanor charges of aggravated DWI and an additional DWI charge from allegedly have a blood-alcohol content in excess of .18. She pleaded innocent to the charges in June.
Delaware County Judge Carl Becker has ruled that the DWI test and Miranda warnings were properly carried out. He also pointed out that she voluntarily agreed to have a blood test at O’Connor Hospital in Delhi.
Killed in the December 13, 2008 accident was 31-year-old Sidney resident Jon J. Church. He reportedly had an accident on Route 28 and then crawled from his vehicle into the road. Church was then struck first by Arnao’s vehicle and then by a second motorist, Jermaine Campbell, 21, of Kingston.
Campbell continued driving toward Kingston. He turned himself in the following day after learning about the accident. Campbell told investigators that he did not realize he had hit someone. He was not charged in the accident.
Arnao reportedly had been returning from a holiday party when the accident occurred on Palmer Hill in the Town of Andes.
She told police that Arnao had been distracted by the lights on Northrup’s car, which wound up at a 45-degree angle in a ditch after his accident.
She was released on her own recognizance pending a trial.