Driver should have stopped


To The Editor:
This letter is to the motorist who hit my dog on the night of November 10, 2011 in front of my home across from Ballard Honey:

I’m not quite sure how you could have not known you had hit an animal and then proceed on as if nothing ever happened. It would have been considerate on your part to have at least stopped and gone to various homeowners in our neighborhood to see who the dog belonged to.

As a result of this unfortunate experience, my dog suffered a hip injury and dislocation, and had to be hospitalized at the animal hospital for four days, certainly not for free I might add. I realize my dog was not on my property at the time of this accident, however; I only wish you could have taken the time to alert someone in the neighborhood, many who know my brown cocker spaniel Baxter.

Pamela Zoll,