Dissolve the Village Board


To The Editor:
I was recently informed, I hope erroneously, that several Fleischmanns Village Board members do not want to open the village pool this year “because of financial considerations.”
The pool is one of two major recreational resources in the area that help to define Fleischmanns. If these people can’t find constructive ways to keep a small pool open, can’t rebuild a small but locally important bridge, and can’t repave small village streets, then what exactly are they being paid for?
Is it their mission to accelerate the decline of what was once a vibrant, charming village? I hope that Harriet and Ben will succeed in leading the board to a much more positive and constructive long-term resolution of this issue that adversely affects hundreds of people.
There is a huge difference between activity and achievement. Otherwise, dissolve the village board and let the town or county fix it.
Howard Mandell, Pine Hill