Disappointed in debate coverage


To The Editor:
I attended last week’s debate for Town of Middletown supervisor sponsored by the Catskill Mt. News. Frankly, I was quite taken aback by the news report that followed in the CMN. I feel the reporter provided inaccurate and incomplete information in her covering of the debate.

I was equally disappointed with the CMN for resorting to sensationalist journalism by including an out-of-context snippet of a quote, with even the snippet being inaccurate, which is nothing but a gross disservice to all parties involved.

Yes, the candidates did agree on many issues. The debate format gave the first responder to a question two minutes to speak. The agreements usually followed with the one who gave the two-minute response. More often than not, that agreement was with the articulate answers given by Marge Miller.

As for other issues not being addressed, I take issue with that as well. Marge Miller clearly addressed water issues and our relationship with NYC and the watershed. On the Fleischmanns Park, Marge Miller did say it is a “village” issue. But, she also stated that it is utilized by all residents and visitors and that as supervisor she would help in any capacity, even to writing grants if that’s what was needed.

Marge Miller strongly vocalized her support of the Crossroads Project at Belleayre and was the only candidate who knew that the resort was in line to reduce our school taxes as 75 percent of the project is within the Margaretville Central School District. As a taxpayer I find that quote more newsworthy than some other quotes that were presented in the article.

As a matter of fact, the only time there was overwhelming spontaneous applause was after Marge Miller’s response to the Belleayre Resort question.

I could go on, point-for-point disagreeing with the tone of the report, but there is a better alternative. For those not at the debate, I would recommend going to Watershedpost.com, clicking on the link for Delaware Communities, then scroll down to the article on the debate. It is accurate and fair. The complete one-hour and 29-minute video is there as well, so one can see and hear for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

Lastly, I think people really need to learn and understand just what the role and job description is for town supervisor. Some of the “visions” that people may have felt were lacking, really are not in the scope of what a town supervisor can actually do.

I fully support Marge Miller for town supervisor in the Town of Middletown. She is passionate, intelligent, has done her homework and has the time and energy to devote to the job. I personally know and like the other three candidates and wish them well, but let the best woman win! Let’s put Marge in Charge.

Linda Caswell,