Delaware County DPW heads to NYC for hurricane relief


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Carter Strickland today announced that watershed crews are being mobilized and deployed to NYC to aid in the recovery efforts.

Six DEP employees from Orange, Delaware, Sullivan and Ulster Counties, have arrived in the city and are already providing assistance with flood abatement and downed trees. Tomorrow they will be joined by ten more DEP employees as well as two members of Dela­ware County’s Department of Public Works. The crews are bringing six industrial Godwin pumps, dump trucks, a back hoe, a mini excavator, chain saws and wood chippers. In addition to aiding in the removal of downed trees and limbs across the five boroughs, the crews have already aided in the important work of draining Manhattan’s Battery Underpass from water.

“I want to thank Dela­ware County and Board of Supervisors Chairman Jim Eisel for providing support to the City’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy,” said Com­missioner Strickland. “The team from the Delaware Coun­ty Department of Public Works will work alongside our DEP team from the watershed to help remove downed and dangerous trees as well as pump out submerged buildings and infrastructure. ”

“Delaware County stands ready to support New York City in the aftermath of Hurri­cane Sandy,” said Dela­ware County Board of Supervisors Chairman James Eisel. “We were fortunate to have the help of New York City to assist in the county’s recovery after Hurricane Irene and the June 2006 Flood. True partners work together best in times of need. ”

“Task Force Chipper” and “Task Force Godwin” will continue until the recovery effort in New York City is complete, however staff will be rotated out every three to four days. In the past New York City has sent staff and equipment to support watershed communities, most recently during the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and Trop­ical Storm Lee.